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Our range of products include study eye band pyramid, study seat pyramid, vastu sleep pyramid, fortune seat pyramid for improving luck, pyra mattress-ensures sound sleep and cures insomnia with power of pyramids and pyra chair - positivity and relaxation through power of pyramids.

Study Eye Band Pyramid

₹ 390 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialPlastic Moulded and Copper
ColorWhite and Copper
Size/DimensionHeight - 4 cm (1.5"), Length - 15 cm (6"), Width - 7 cm (3") Approx
Weight80 gm Approx

Study Eye Band Pyramid works as a knowledge-stabilizing unit and improves concentration. Students, who study for very long period during exam, can make use of it for relaxing the eye, reduced eye pressure and memory improvement. Study eye band, with two in-build pyramids, produces outstanding results. Most students raise inquiries, how to study for exams and how to score good marks in exams? Our genuine answer is that you use Study eye band. Additionally it is for people who work in offices and use computer for long time. Study eye band is also useful for memory improvement. You can use it for at least 15 minutes, when you start your study.

Study Seat Pyramid

₹ 2,085 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialFabric - Jute with Plastic Moulded Pyramid
ColorMulti Color
Size/DimensionHeight - 3 cm (1") Length - 30 cm (12"), Width - 30 cm (12") Approx
Weight460 gm Approx

Study Seat Pyramid is perfect for accomplishing an advanced level of concentration while studying. It increases the effectiveness of learning and recognizing. Students, who confront problems while studying; who lack concentration level and memorizing problems, should use study seat for much better outcomes. Study seat could be kept on chair while studying.
Study seat or chair pad is designed for all students, who wish to boost the concentration level and acquire good grade. Often parents have concerns for their children, how to study well or how to concentrate in studies? Study seat is boon for them. Use study seat for minimum 30 minutes, while seating on seat pad or chair cushion, it will absolutely transform your efficiency of learning.

Mystic advantages of study seat:

  • Must for all students. It works extremely well while studying
  • Facilitates in delivering better mind concentration and memory level
  • Maximizes the mind body coordination for remarkable outcomes

Vastu Sleep Pyramid

₹ 3,780 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialPlastic Moulded and Copper
ColorWhite,Red and Copper
Size/DimensionLength - 30 cm (12"), Width - 30 cm (12") Approx
Weight4 kg (4000 gm) Approx

Vastu sleep is focused on energizing your bed. Whenever Vastu sleep retained under mattress when you are sleeping, it generates a flow of energy everywhere. This energy assists you in sound sleep. Whenever you take rest on bed, you feel like having positive energy around us. In sleeping state, our mind is at rest but our sub conscious enables you to manifest peak performance and new success in health, career, business and knowledge. Vastu Pyra sleep works on 9 planets and 81 grid principles. It offers a natural remedy for sleep. Persons, who are facing problem in sleeping, often use this. It is best used in insomnia treatment.

Fortune Seat Pyramid for Improving Luck

₹ 2,085 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialFabric - Jute with Plastic Moulded Pyramid
ColorRed and White
UseHouse, Shop
Size/DimensionHeight - 30 cm (12"), Length - 30 cm (12"), Width - 3 cm (1") Approx

For tune seat is primarily used in business and finance. This Yantra, effectively empowered by Astro Devam, is perfect for success, good for tune and attracting more money in business. Just place the fortune seat on the chair before you sit, it will be lucky chair to suit your needs in terms of money and fortune. It boosts luck and enables you to success in business. People use it to get good luck. Fortune seat is commonly placed on chair persons or owner’s chair. It is made up of sponge layer and velvet cover, which is cozy to sit

Pyra Mattress-Ensures sound sleep and cures insomnia with power of pyramids

₹ 13,800 /Piece Get Latest Price

BrandAstro Devam
Weight8 Kg 600 gm (8600 gm) Approx.
Country of OriginMade in India

Pyra fire pyramids work as wish amplifier and removes negativity. It contains plate at bottom for earth energy, power of three layers of pyramids, with 8 gold pyramids and one copper chamber.  It purifies the atmosphere and harmonizes the space.  Fire is performed in many shapes and benefits differs from shape and sizes:

  • Square shape: It is for success, prosperity, growth, performance and motivation.
  • Heart shape: It is for marriage, children, spouse and love.
  • Half circle: It is for well being, satisfaction, fast result and contentment.
  • Triangle: it is to safeguard, protect, removes fear and negativity
  • Rhombus: it brings income, gain of money, finance and fortune.

Used in office vaastu, home vastu, or apartment vastu corrections, the PyraFire Pyramid helps the construction problems or other interferences in the home, factory or office,where  the energy is unbalanced and is not suitable for well-being.


How to use this Pyramid?

  • Take 1 or 2 pieces of camphor or cotton wick with pure Ghee. Then take on your left hand and apply the FaMaa orientation to it.
  • Place it in the centre of the hall and arrange Pyra Fire and light the camphor or cotton wick on the copper chamber of the Pyramid and wait till the fire extinguishers in a meditative mood.
  • When it is lit, millions of positive photons will emanate from the fire and spread in the space and these photons will work absolutely for you for quite some time. Repeat the process once you feel the energy is depleted.
  • Optional: Once the fire is out you can carry the pyramid to all the rooms and entries to create positive energy.

Normally Homas or Poojas are conducted to balance and activate the positive and spiritual energy. But this is time consuming and very expensive. The Pyravastu Pyra Fire tool can give you the similar result and can be practiced by yourself to harmonize the positive energy in the surroundings. The Pyra Vastu fire will work according to your specific wishes. 

Pyra Chair - Positivity and Relaxation through Power of Pyramids

₹ 2,640 /Piece Get Latest Price

Service LocationAll Over The World
BrandAstro Devam
Weight5 kg approx.
SizeLength 40 cm (16") approx

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

PRODUCT Pyra Chair
WEIGHT 5 kg approx.
SIZE Length 40 cm (16") approx
MATERIAL Cloth & Plastic Moulded Pyramid

Relax Pyramid Belt

₹ 210 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialPlastic Moulded
ColorWhite and Blue
Size/DimensionHeight - 21 cm (8.5"), Length - 6 cm (2.5") Approx
Weight30 gm Approx

Relax 9x9 belt minimizes eye stress and tension. This amazing eye brain soothing Yantra is effective in deep relaxation, reducing tension and enrich the circulation of blood. It is also used as stress relaxation device, which assists you in mind relaxation and meditation. Relax 9x9 belt is also used for sound sleep. It is must for computer professionals and office people. It consists of one energy belt as well as a cotton energy collector red pad.

Peace & Meditation seat Pyramid-(HEPM-001)- supports deep meditation with Power of Pyramids

₹ 5,400 /Piece Get Latest Price

Weight8 Kg Approx.
Pack TypeBox

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Meditation Seat Pyramid, Meditation Pyramid,
Meditation seat pyramid is commonly used for meditation purposes, benefiting you in wellness and health. This pyra mediation seat assists you in proper meditation to handle up with the fast and competitive world outside and take rapid and correct decision with your inner self. You can even use this seat as mediation pillow for much better results. Best Meditation keeps you away from stress, tension along with other disorder. Meditation seats, efficiently energized and programmed by AstroDevam, offer you better concentration in meditation.

Pyra Sprouter Buy Form Astro Devam

₹ 510 /Piece Get Latest Price

Size/DimensionLength 32, Width 24 Approx.
Weight450 gm Approx.

PRODUCT Pyramid Sprouter,Sprout Maker,Sprout Box
WEIGHT 450 gm Approx.
SIZE Length 32, Width 24 Approx.
COLOR White And Golden plate

Fortune Glass- Very Easy way to Luck, Fortune, Health through power of water- Lifestyle Product

₹ 660 /Piece Get Latest Price

BrandAstro Devam
Size/DimensionHeight - 8 cm (3"), Length - 6 cm (2.5"), Width - 6 cm (2.5") Approx

Fortune Glass is a ground breaking Pyra Vastu tool that attracts abundance and good luck in your life. As we all know, Water symbolizes abundance, growth, prosperity and the energy of life. Fortune Glass Jiten Pyramid is a newest Pyramid Instrument to restructure the water and to accomplish your desires.

Fortune Glass Benefits

  • Fortune Glass Jiten Pyramid brings prosperity and fortune in our life.
  • Fortune Glass is a wonderful tool to maximize your fortune, health & prosperity.
  • Fortune Glass attracts economic growth and success in business.

How to Use Fortune Glass?

Fortune Glass Pyramid works on the angelic power of pyramid and triangle shaped container. The Triangle represents three primary energies of Heaven and three energies of Earth, which is responsible for all happening in our lives. To restructure water for the same purpose, fill the glass with water and lay both the palms on the glass. Start concentrating on the divine energies of the sky and beneficial energies of earth for 3 minutes to fulfil your desire. Drink that water at a slow speed, sip-by-sip to get finest results.

Regular consumption of energized water from Fortune Glass Pyramid will help the user a lot in material, emotional and psychological developments. Very Powerful & Easy way to Luck, Fortune, Health through power of water- Lifestyle Product for Powerful & Easy way to Luck, Fortune, Health through power of water. This is the glass or tumbler enhancing power of water with science of Pyramids. Just drink water of this glass and see the change in your life.

Fortune Glass is uniquely designed with triangle Glass to bring more wealth, success and prosperity in your life. At, you can easily get this product online and in energized form. 

Study Pad Pyramid

₹ 1,150 /Piece Get Latest Price

BrandAstro Devam
Size/DimensionHeight - 8 cm (3"), Length - 27 cm (10.5"), Width - 27 cm (10.5") Approx

Study pad is used to improve concentration and memory power of children. When you are doing your self-study, just place this pad on your table and place your book on it, then start your reading or writing.

Twist And Slim- (Power Mat)

₹ 525 /Piece Get Latest Price

BrandAstro Devam
Size/DimensionHeight- 30 cm, Width- 30 cm Approx

PRODUCT Twist And Slim (Power Mat)
SIZE Height- 30 cm, Width- 30 cm Approx
COLOR Yellow

Astro Devam TileMax

₹ 1,530 /Piece Get Latest Price

BrandAstro Devam
Country of OriginMade in India

Astro devam TileMax  is a unique innovation to energize every rooms tile before flooring! Place TileMax in the centre of the room tile and in eight corners of the room to get best result.

Stress Pad Pyramid

₹ 850 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialPlastic Moulded and Copper
Size/DimensionHeight - 9 cm (3.5"), Length - 28 cm (11"), Width - 6 cm (2.5") Approx
Weight870 gm Approx

Feel good and stay relaxed life with brand new Stress pad by Astro Devam Stress affects your happy and personal life. Either you might be a working employee; student or businessperson, stress is not going to leave you throughout your working periods. Anxiety, worry, depression, regret and feeling guilty are a couple of seeds of stress. We launched new Stress pad to get rid of such unwanted problems, which supports you in lessening your over all stress and keep you healthy. Stress pad acts much like other powerful anxiety remedies and reduces your state of anger. Stress pad, uniquely energized and programmed by Astro Devam, offers you amazing features and retains you healthy. Pad together with the power of 6500 Pyramids & 12 Super Magnets with 2 Support Stands provides much better outcomes

Pyra Pillow-Relaxed Mind And Sound Sleep With Power Of Pyramids

₹ 2,260 /Piece Get Latest Price

BrandAstro Devam
TypeCervical Pillow

Pyra Pillow Pyramid is a magnificent Vastu product to harmonise mind and soul.Placing this Vastu product at proper location can help you achieve prosperity, health and happiness. PyraVastu products like Pyra Pillow Pyramid is a powerful science to create harmony and balance by core level corrections.Pyra Pillow Pyramid is ideal for fixing Vastu defects without any moderation in the home orshifting work place. It

Pyra Pillow Pyramid Benefits:

  • Ideal for sleeping disorders
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Assists in “cleaning” of the brain
  • Increases vitality
  • Increases healing processes
  • Removes stress
  • Boost self-healing

It is a totally innovative concept that boosts our revitalizing process which ultimately reflects on our success, efficiency and fortune as a whole. Most people, who have experimented with this special product, describe it as a complete relaxation product for relaxing mind and body, followed by the shutting down of pointlessand irrelevant thoughts. Finally, in the deepest sense, it helps in achieving an altered state of consciousness which push them to think on deep inner levels.

It offers better results for the causes of all misery, pain, insomnia, dissatisfaction and in turn all mental disorders. It creates balance between Mind-Body-Emotion. This wonderful product at the core level boosts energy within us.One can easily get Pyra Pillow Pyramid from

Back Belly Belt

₹ 1,100 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialAstro Devam
BrandAstro Devam
Weight500 gm approx
Country of OriginMade in India

New multi-energy back & belly belt is designed on time tested combitantion of magnetic therapy, acupressure, pyramids & metal therapy to provdide you natural & safe treatments without the side effects of drugs. These funcational belts contain bioplar magnets, Aligned along acupressure meridians to improve metabolic activity, blood circulation and oxygen level of each cell. In addition, back & belly belt is also enriched with power pyramids to harmonize cosmic energy and universal metal copper-silver to amplify healing properties. Using this newest mult-energy belt, helps relieve pain and discomfort, also increases energy level and enhances effectiveness.


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